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What is a paper straw?

2023-01-03 17:45:11

A straw is a tube-shaped device, allowing the user to take drinks more conveniently, used to deliver drinks (usually cold drinks) or liquid foods such as milkshakes, milk, soft drinks, fruit juices. , milk tea from the cup, cup, ... hold that drink to the mouth. Straws are usually made of paper, bamboo, stainless steel or plastic (such as polypropylene and polystyrene), or other materials. To use a straw, place one end of the tube into the liquid to drink and then suck on the other end through the mouth so that the liquid flows down the tube into the mouth. The suction tube can be straight or has an angle-adjustable bellows. Drinking straws are usually single-use products, and some countries, regions and cities have banned plastic straws to reduce plastic pollution. Some companies have voluntarily banned or reduced the number of plastic straws distributed from their facilities.

In Vietnam, the ancient Vietnamese from time immemorial as well as ethnic minorities today use bamboo sticks made from perforated bamboo to smoke can wine, which is also the origin of the name of this wine.

Modern straws are divided into many different types of colors, sizes and designs to serve certain needs.

A straw with a wider opening is often used to drink bubbly tea, which contains its signature tapioca pearls. The ends of these straws are sometimes cut at an angle creating a point. This allows the straw to puncture the plastic shell of the cup. For example: Curved straws, milk tea straws, decorative straws, long straws to feed the sick, rods (made from perforated bamboo/bamboo to suck alcohol)...

The straws are often difficult to decompose causing harm to the environment, every day 60 million straws are discharged, causing serious consequences. Today, people actively produce more environmentally friendly "bio" straws or use paper, bamboo, glass, metal, ... instead. Therefore, now there are many coffee shops, milk tea shops, ..... using bamboo and paper straws ..... and people also know how to use their own straws made of metal and plastic. Use multiple times to limit single-use plastic straws.


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