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2023-02-06 11:09:20
In addition to the plastic component, in the plastic straws there are ingredients that are extremely dangerous to users' health - BPA (Bisphenol - A) - which has the ability to increase cancer cells and cause early puberty disorders. ,... Not only adversely affect health, plastic straws also contain many risks of polluting the soil environment, water environment, ... affecting human and animal health.
???? A small straw, nature takes 100 - 500 years to be able to "absorb". According to statistics, in the US, plastic straws released in a day can be folded 2 times around the Earth
???? To make the environment greener, you should replace plastic straws with paper ones
✅ Health safety
✅ Environmental friendliness
✅ Recyclable
✅ Ability to decompose quickly
???? Right now, change the habit of using GCO paper straws to protect your health and the environment!
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